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Supply & Demand director David Holm has created Tesla Motor’s first experimental film, a client-direct project, promoting the company’s fully electric luxury sedan.

Pacing, sound design and visuals blend together as we open on an epic journey through space and time. Abstract and beautiful, the film unveils Tesla’s birth from the ether of the universe, arriving on earth to harness the energy of the cosmos and bring electricity to a barren world.

The birth of a sustainable, powerful energy from the reaches of space to represent Tesla’s sedan vibrated with Holm from the outset: “Tesla is powered by a clean energy source,” said Holm. “I wanted to show it arriving from out of this world with the power and effectiveness of a muscle car--but it’s purely electric. It’s also a design piece, far more stark and bold than regular auto advertising.”

Shot over two days on location at Soggy Dry Lake, California, Holm captured the Tesla’s sleek lines on multiple formats, primarily RED alongside Panasonic’s GH3, while a Canon C300 mounted to the sedan plus an old Russian 16mm hand crank camera secured a cross section of textures to take into post.

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