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When you focus on your phone


Navdy extends the apps you already have on your phone. No service plans required.

Navdy Transparent Heads-up Display
Face it: We’re all a bunch of hypocrites. The second we see some guy messing with his phone while driving, our inner road rage demon rears its head. Five seconds later, we’re firing off texts while watching the lights change. If our phones are so addictive that we can’t put them down for a second, there has to be a safer way to use them behind the wheel? The answer is Navdy. The device delivers a transparent Head-Up Display so information floats right in front of your eyes. Not only does it make sense for navigation, but you can also see messages and incoming calls and respond with a swipe of your finger or your voice. Until the day comes when we can ditch our pocket tech dependency (it’s not coming), Navdy is the safe solution for the road.

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