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Arrinera VenoCara : Concept Cars

Typically when we think of where supercars come from, we think of countries like Germany, Italy, England, Sweden and even Japan, but now get prepared because you can add Poland to the mix. Polish manufacturer Arrinera Automotive has developed its first high-powered machine: The 2013 Venocara, with sleek looks reminiscent of a Lamborghini with power to match but a price that is well below anything in the supercar market.

Your eyes aren’t fooling you, the Venocara is an actually real although it looks like something out of a movie of the future on the best sense of the word. Designed by Pavlo Burkatskyy the outside was largely influenced by Lamborghini, from the wedge-shape to the high-flowing styling cues which are similar to the Aventador as well as the scissor doors. But there is nothing to worry as Burkatskyy also added its own unique details to give the Venocara its own personality and voice such as the Venocara’s side-view mirrors and it’s rear view and taillights. The car’s aggressive and futuristic stance comes from its sharp angular edges and creases, on the back the striped LED tail-lamps, large diffused and central exhausts will grab the attention of everyone on the road to the superb design of the car.

The car’s outside is made Kevlar body panels with carbon fiber and aluminum accents. It will also come with large diameter light allow wheels wrapped in ultra low profile tires and is equipped with ceramic brake discs. Lee Noble, the founder of Noble Automotive as well as the talented engineer behind the supercars marketed under Ultima, Ascari, Rossion, Fenix and Noble names lent his expertise on the project’s technical side and specifically created the chassis which is constructed from variable-section high-strength steel as well as the with the suspension. Noble is responsible for the fastest naturally aspirated production car, the McLaren F1 which puts him on the top of the fast and unique car field and gives confidence that although the Venocara will be priced much lower than many other supercars it will still be exceptional.

The 2866-pound car is powered by a Chevrolet-sourced supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine with 650 horsepower and 604 lb/ft of torque. Arrinera claims it can go from 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds and carries a top speed of 211 mph, enough to send chills down your spine. If you thought that the engine was impressive, that’s just the “standard” with many more extreme version in the work by Arrinera Automotive.

Not only does the Venocara go super fast but it also comes with an interior that is comfortable and has interesting gadgets. Amongst the most talked about being the thermal vision camera that monitors the area in front of the car up to 100 meters and when objects with an exceeding environmental temperature will display within the driving sight line on the center console. The thermal vision camera may significantly improve the safety level at night and when driving in fog as compared to just headlights. Furthermore it comes equipped with four-point harnesses and roll bars behind the seats for additional safety. There is also a CD/MP3 sound-system with Bluetooth for hands-free talking when you want to drive fast and keep your eyes on the road as well.

Priced at $160,060 the Venocara is priced considerably lower than similar supercars such as Lamborghini’s Aventador which comes with a price-tag of $379,700 which is about double of the Venocara’s price. Certainly the price might not put the car into exclusivity but with its looks and superb design the car will certainly look and feel as exclusive as its more expensive counterparts. According to Arrienera they have so far collected more than 400 applications and have a targeted production date of late 2012 if things go according to planned. We predict we will hear a lot more about the Polish Venocara; there are never enough supercars in the world.

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