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Alfa Romeo Brera : Current Models

Designed by Giugiaro, the Alfa Romeo Brera was one of the most successful concepts on display at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show and, for the first time after a long time, Fiat Group decided to give this prototype a production future.

The Brera was recently awarded the “Most Beautiful Car of the World” prize, and we, in partnership with the Italian Magazine AutoViaggiando, took this chance to speak about the passage from the Concept to the series model.

The Brera production model is undoubtly one of the best Alfa Romeo cars of the latest years: yet it has lost something of the fantastic appeal of the Concept.

The dimensions are a bit different: the production Brera is slightly longer (+25 mm) but has a consistantly shorter wheelbase (-70 mm). This soften the sporty and aggressive look of the Concept, that rested on the 20 inches wheels placed at the corners of the car and had minimal overhangs.

This “quieter” character of the car is stressed by the smaller width (-64 mm) and the greater height (+84 mm).

Another significant change can be seen in the profile view: the side window is split in two parts by a small B-pillar; the door profile is completely different: it is shorter and has a more conventional line. The space left in the rear portion of the side panel gives the production Brera a heavier look.

Furthermore, the door opening system changed to a conventional one.

from the general proportions and the side profile, the Brera is still very close to the Concept in many details.

“Minor” changes include different rear mirrors, the conventional opening system of the doors, the bonnet that incorporates the upper edges of the front grille and the necessary side direction indicators.

Needless to say, the Alfa Romeo Brera still represents a design success and has deserved all the awards it won.

We just found interesting to point out some differences that at a first glance make the Brera production version appear less breathtaking than the 2003 Concept.

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