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2015 Ford Bronco : Concept Cars

The 2015 Ford Bronco is believed to be unveiled sometime at the end of this year. However, this information is just a rumor, so we cannot rely on that.

Hopefully, this new-generation off-roader will have its premiere during the next year, and very soon after that will be available on the market.

The 2015 Ford Bronco will probably come out with lots of changes in its design. Nonetheless, the American car producer still keeps secret all the updates connected to this vehicle. Based on some reports, this unusual sports utility vehicle will be built on the same chassis as it cousin, F-150. What’s more, they will both share some parts in their construction, along with four-wheel drive system. Conforming to the spy photos, available on the internet, this brand-new model will have a distinguished boxy style and prominent headlights in the round shape. Furthermore, its grille will be completely made of three chrome parallel bars. Speaking of the interior, this off-road car will have pretty simple and plane style. Its dashboard will lack in many useful high tech features.

Under the hood, the 2015 Ford Bronco is likely to be powered by three different engines. Those will probably be a 3.5L Ecoboost, 5.0L and the 4.5L Diesel power units. Unfortunately, we still don’t know the exact performances of these powertrains. As for the transmission choice, these engines are hoped to be mated to a twin-clutch manual or automatic gearbox. The fuel consumption of this new SUV is still uncertified, though.

Finally, speaking of the pricing, the 2015 Ford Bronco will probably cost from $26,000 for the base model. Even though almost all important pieces of information about this car remain mystery, about one thing we are sure: when it comes out in showrooms, this strange crossover will become a tough competitor to Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser.

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