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Vulh 05 : Concept Cars

The VUHL 05 is a road-legal lightweight supercar that has been precision engineered for the track and endowed with exhilarating performance.

It has innovations lacking on even the most expensive of supercars. They include an in-built HD camera with console-mounted control that allows trackday enthusiasts to record their drives at the push of a button, thereby fine-tuning their technique and improving lap times.

The VUHL’s unique X-Vario platform is constructed from 6061-T6 aluminium extrusions and aluminium honeycomb. Its extreme torsional stiffness allows the suspension to be finely tuned for road and track, as required.

A titanium bolt pack is available from VUHL to further reduce the car’s overall weight by 4.5kg, while enhancing the looks of the interior and exterior alike.

The car's provenance is truly international - its handling was optimised in the UK and the carbon fibre bodies are fabricated in Canada, while the chassis production and final assembly are conducted in Mexico City by Adman Leku.

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