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Volkswagen Beetle Dune : Concept Cars

The 2014 VW Beetle Dune Concept had its debut at the Detroit Motor Show today. This is not the first time the Bug has been converted to a crossover, as back in 2000, VW showed a Dune Concept on the older generation model as well.

The Dune concept gets a pair of tough-looking bumpers which come with integrated skid guards. The wheel arches have been flared to bring those 19-inch alloy wheels into focus.

The Dune gets its power from a Golf GTI’s engine. The 2.0-liter TSI motor produces 217 hp and uses a 6-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission to transmit the power. The ride height of the Dune concept is 30 mm more than a Beetle, and engineers have also included an XDS electronic locking differential.

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