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Renault ZOE is the first car to be designed as an all-electric model. A city car ideal for everyday use, it boasts the latest technology. Renault ZOE ships with six world firsts, designed to make it an easy-to-drive connected car with significant range. Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012, Renault ZOE is available in 3 versions (Life, Zen and Intens).

Driving Renault ZOE is a new and enjoyable automotive experience. The wound rotor synchronous electric motor develops 65 kW with maximum torque of 220 Nm delivered instantly. ZOE combines strong acceleration and pick-up from the lowest engine speeds with a range of 210 km over an NEDC cycle. ZOE scored 5 stars at Euro NCAP tests

To boost vehicle range, Renault developed the Range OptimiZEr, a system combining three major innovations – new-generation regenerative braking, a heat pump and Michelin Energy E-V tyres. This system makes Renault ZOE the best volume-produced electric vehicle. In real use, driving in and around urban areas, customers will have 100 km in winter and 150 km in temperate season.

New-generation regenerative braking recovers practically all of the energy otherwise wasted during braking, without any significant impact on ride. On deceleration, the motor recovers kinetic energy from the vehicle and turns it into an electric current that recharges the battery. On braking, the system intelligently distributes braking effort between the brake pads and the engine brake in order to maximize the action of the engine brake in charging the battery.

The heat pump operates in the same way as a reverse-cycle air-conditioning system and consumes little electricity. It produces warm or cool air simply by reversing the cycle of operation. The heat pump generates approximately 2kW of cooling or 3kW of heat with just 1kW of electricity. This also makes for a more stable cabin temperature since it is independent of the calories produced by the motor.

The MICHELIN ENERGY E-V tyre is an innovation from Michelin co-developed with Renault, and is a first for Renault ZOE. This highly energy-efficient tyre improves vehicle range. Its tread, design and sidewalls were designed to accommodate the high torque of ZOE and to adapt to the specific uses of electric cars.

For peaceful urban driving, Renault ZOE features Z.E. Voice, a function that warns pedestrians that the car is coming. Special design studies were carried out on Z.E. Voice, which can be heard at between 1 and 30 kph, in order to give the Renault ZOE its own sound identity. Drivers can choose between three different sounds or turn the function off simply by pressing a button. All versions of Renault ZOE ship with the integrated, connected R-LINK multimedia system. On ZOE, R-LINK includes new functions tailored to electric vehicles, such as a histogram of energy consumption, charge scheduling, and the location of charging stations.

Further, Renault ZOE is the first electric vehicle that can be charged to any level of power (up to 43 kW) over a period of between 30 minutes and nine hours – thanks to the Chameleon charger, patented by Renault. Since the first semester of 2014, a cable called Flexi Charger extends ZOE’s charging options by enabling the vehicle to be charged from a standard household power socket.

Renault ZOE was designed as an exclusively electric car, of pure, emotive lines. Its agile, dynamic looks suggest driving pleasure. ZOE also features a distinctive lighting signature, with LEDs that permanently light up the recesses on either side of the front air intake.

Renault ZOE’s interior reflects its modern and ecological character. The design combines light colours – expressing purity – with the latest interactive technology in the form of the floating Renault R-Link central tablet. In terms of exterior design, Renault ZOE is designed to resemble a drop of water, with no real front or rear end. It is a 5-door model, 4.084m long.

The “Take Care” signature, present on the Zen version of Renault ZOE, sets the highest standards in onboard comfort and well-being. Alongside cabin pre-conditioning and an activated carbon filter, it includes: an active fragrance diffuser with relaxing or stimulating properties, a purifying and relaxing air ionizer, a toxicity sensor and Teflon® seats for easier cleaning.

Renault ZOE is built at the Flins plant (France), an ISO 14001 certified site.

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