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Peugeot XRC : Concept Cars

Have you ever had one of those remote controlled cars you guided with a transmitter? Many a child used those cars to realize fantasies to run everywhere, to explore unusual places; cross sand dunes, run on the walls, fly over the stairs, go through unpredictable and dangerous places. Well, if you are amongst those lucky adults that had the chance to play with such a cool toy, it is going to be quite easy for you to imagine one of these cars. Now just try to figure out a bigger, actually huge, RC car, with a totally renewed look, and a modern appeal as well. Try to think about an indestructible car where even a man can get in.

Well, this is not a transcendental experiment to train your mental creativity: the subject of this vision is going to be real and concrete, and it is going to be a masterpiece of the famous car producer brand Peugeot/Citroen. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Tiago Aiello, a young and talented automotive designer from Sao Paulo, which has modeled several prototypes for the brand itself so far, Peugeot is going to launch its XRC, a concept car which is, in essence, a revisited version of the old fashioned RC cars, with which many of us have grown up with.

The peculiarity of this little treasure, the final result of a long period of a planning and designing process, marked by the periodic posts on Aiello’s blog, full with exciting pictures of the upcoming model of the car, consists in a series of some “small” improvements. The above-mentioned single-seat for a real man, as well as the adaptability to extreme levels of velocity, constitute just a small part of the innovations adduced to the original concept of RC car.

The XRC is expressly created for running at incredible levels of speed and facing any kind of obstacles on the road, a road that is potentially not paved. The aim of this technological masterpiece is,to placate even the craziest secret fantasy that many adults have since their childhood, when they tried to satisfy it with this little but everlasting toy: overcome any physical obstacle, reach even the inapproachable places, beat any geographical limit. Everything at very high speed, of course.

A luxury product, a concept car that reaches a point of conciliation between the traditional passion for RC cars with supreme technology, dizzy speed, deathless materials (that render even a trip in the most hostile places the safest one), and high quality, innovative and cutting-edge design.

As a matter of fact, looking at this hybrid creation, what immediately draws the attention is the entirety of smooth curves that compose its structure and merge among each other in a modern and futuristic continuum, a shape that seems perfectly fit for the environment in which it is submerged. This is quite evident in the demo pictures published in Aiello’s blog, which represent this car in the middle of the desert: as a matter of fact, it is quite hard to make a clear and sharp distinction between the car and the natural framework, so soft and well mixed are the curves of both.

Despite its incredibly modern touch, this genial creation doesn’t loose the traditional connotation of a sporty concept car, whose aerodynamic design is suited for the possibility of running fast, really fast. The first association that may come to mind at a first sight is with the Formula Uno racing cars, especially due to the voluminous wheels. Otherwise, this piece of art could remind some futuristic vehicles in a science fiction movie, such as the so-called moto-cycles appeared in Kosinski’s Tron Legacy, the first association that came in the undersigned’s mind. Quite interesting comparisons. On the side of the car, the logo of the brand, coupled with its traditional symbol, a lion, is the final touch of tradition given to this innovative creation, a stunning masterpiece to stare at.

State of the art technology and design: this victorious marriage will make this luxury product a life-changing tool for many adults, the concrete realization of a dream, the perfect mix between extreme leisure and a sensational experience.

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