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Maserati Chicane : Concept Cars

The Chicane was created as a full-scale physical model by the students of IED’s fifth Master RSP in Transportation Design – work experience, academic year 2006-2007. The main goal of the Maserati Chicane project is to explore styling themes for Maserati’s future models. The Chicane has more compact dimensions (4,400 mm long, 1,850 mm wide, 1250 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,600 mm) compared to the Quattroporte and Grandturismo production cars. The Chicane is based on a 2+2 coupe layout with a front-mounted V8 engine coupled with a rear wheel-drive system. It could be an entry-level model that doesn’t sacrifice the unique and distinctive features of the brand. The design process was guided by the idea of expressing “emotion at first sight”, which translated into a fascinating and high-impact look, with a careful study of the surfaces and a research for pure lines. Maserati Chicane ConceptChicane was on display at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show together with a second project called “Maserati Sfida”, a pure virtual model that was visible in a dedicated video. Targeted to young and dynamic customers, the Maserati Sfida is a 2+1 shooting brake, a sporty 2-door wagon that features a special rear volume and opening system that allows for easy access and loading of sports gear. On its stand at Geneva, IED also displayed three selected projects from the 3rd year Course in Transportation Design 2006-2007, created in partnership with Toyota: “Forma” by Marco Cerrato, Enrico Remolif and Danilo Tosetti, “Waterfall” by Dennis Braga and Andrea Mocellin and “H.A.L.O. Hybrid Advance Line Over” by Michele Deconcini and Fabrizio Salerno.

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