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Land Rover DC100 : Concept Cars

An expedition-ready version of the Land Rover DC100 concept vehicle is helping to shape the future of the iconic Defender line. Outfitted with an air-intake snorkel for wading, roof mounted equipment rack, and an integrated winch; this study in design is well equipped to explore the possibility of returning the Defender to the U.S. market.

Design cues for the 21st century share much of what made the original so distinctive. It all begins with the signature round lamps and prominent grill that form the honest Defender ‘face'. Short overhangs for extreme approach and departure angles, an upright windscreen, vertical panels, and strong shoulder line complete a design predicated on capability.

Technological advancements have been incorporated to simplify driving off-road while continuing to push Land Rover capability forward. The Terrain-i system shows whatever lies ahead as an intelligent topographical map displayed with 3D imagery. Wade Aid utilizes sonar sensors in bumpers and side mirrors to measure water depth while fording streams. And Terrain Response® has gotten a makeover with a new automatic version that eliminates the need for drivers to select a setting.

The DC100 concept also explores new territory in sustainability. An Intelligent Twin-Solenoid Stop/Start system is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission to ease future hybridization. Additionally, a Driveline Disconnect system automatically disengages four-wheel drive and does so physically, rather than electronically, to reduce friction losses. Despite this true decoupling, the system can almost instantaneously reengage drive.

While the ultimate destination for Defender is still unknown, the DC100 concept charges ahead, reinvigorating the line that lives in every Land Rover vehicle.

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