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Lamborghini Perdigon : Videos

The name Perdigón (1894) has been chosen according to Lamborghini tradition. Perdigón was a fighting Miura bull. It is included in the list of the most famous bulls ever and is known for killing the famed bullfighter Manuel García (Espartero) in Madrid, Spain. Perdigón's head is on display in the plaza Museum in Madrid.

Lamborghini Perdigón is based on the extraordinarily successful Murciélago. The Vehicle is simply fascinating with the proportions. It is 4790mm long and 2080mm wide, with a height of only 1145mmand the wheelbase is 2800mm.

It represents the same philosophy and idea as previous creation Lamborghini Avispado, but in a completely new direction. The car is inspired of Falcon and jetfighters, which is visible in the design language.

The design feature dynamic surfaces with a combination of tight curves and polygonal-shaped elements.

The car exterior is made of CFC, a composite carbon fiber material, which is as stable as it is light. The exterior components are glued and fixed to the body comprised of CFC and steel. Since the legendary Countach has Lamborghini door opened upwards and it is been a symbol of the V12 Lamborghini product line. But both doors on the Perdigón have gullwing doors. The doors are cut into the roof of the car; this fact gives it a very specific and exotic look. The purpose of the gullwing doors is because of the ergonomic, so enter and exit becomes easier for tall persons, since the car is very low.

The reduced height, the air intakes and the diffuser demonstrate the attention paid to the vehicle's aerodynamic performance. Each element is created exactly according to its function. The large air intakes below the doors provide an example of the extreme coherence with which a Lamborghini fulfills its function: The design of the vehicle air intakes on side has a shape that collect the air to carry it into the air intakes. Those air intakes are to increase the flow of oil to the radiator and ensure the flow below the floor. The aerodynamically optimized flat floor structure terminates at the rear with a diffuser featuring an accentuated shape. This guarantees excellent road grip and stability.

The front is characterized by the acute angle of the central 'arrow' and by the powerful forward-facing air intakes supply a large of volume of air, necessary to cool the carbon brake disks and the cylinder calipers.

The two upper air intakes on each side of the windows are characterized by the shape of Falcons wings with three stripes of different height. It helps to cool the engine compartment. And it gives the car a futuristic and dynamic shape for the whole car's top part.

This Project is been done in collaboration with Lamborghini, In SPD Scoula politecnica di design, Milan, Italy.

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