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Jaguar XE : Current Models

The Geneva Motorshow saw the first glimpse of the exciting, next-generation model, the Jaguar XE. This mid size premium sports sedan will go on sale in 2015 and is the first to be developed on Jaguar’s all new advanced aluminium architecture, on which an exciting range of future Jaguars will also be built.

A revolutionary new dimension for Jaguar

Jaguar’s advanced aluminium architecture is a completely new approach that underpins the innovative future of our brand and will provide the means that our Jaguar designers and engineers can apply the philosophy “anything we can imagine, we can create”. This new architecture will allow us to create cars without compromising the unique character, breathtaking design, outstanding vehicle dynamics, performance and luxury that Jaguar is famous for.

High performance, low emissions

Jaguar XE will be powered by a line-up of new, highly advanced engines offering a wide range of sizes and performance characteristics. Choose either the outright performance of 300km/h top speeds or emissions of less than 100g of CO2 per km. Whatever your driving style and practical requirements, your engine choice can provide the optimum balance between exhilarating drivability and the latest innovations in fuel-efficient technologies.

Exciting to look at

XE brings together Jaguar’s true hallmarks of beautiful sleek design, an assertive stance and sporting performance with the latest in technical innovation. As described by Ian Callum, Director of Design, “We never forget we are designing a Jaguar, and that means it must be as exciting to look at and drive, as it is brilliant to run and practical to own. We believe we’ve done just that with the Jaguar XE.”

Jaguar XE is available from 2015.

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