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Ford Fiesta UK's Best Selling Of All Time : News


Ford announced the Fiesta has just become the U.K.'s best-selling car of all time, with sales topping 4,115,000. The nameplate had made only cameo appearances on this side of the pond since its debut in 1976, until the current model joined Ford's lineup in the states in 2009. Over in Europe, it has been a completely different story. And the popularity that it has enjoyed in the U.K. is another story altogether.

The Fiesta first arrived on the scene in 1976 as a smaller companion to the Escort, which at that point was already enjoying record sales. Built in Germany and Britain, the first-generation Fiesta was one of the first mass-produced Ford cars to offer a front-wheel-drive layout. Powered by inline-four engines, the first-generation Fiesta took on the Vauxhall Chevette, the Austin Metro, and a variety of smaller Fiats. The reliable engines and the surprisingly spacious interior made the Fiesta a strong seller from the beginning and the millionth Fiesta rolled off the line in 1979, just four years after going into production. Ford renewed the European-market Fiesta in 1983 and 1989, with the car growing a bit in each successive generation, but the packaging and the pricing (relative to other cars) has stayed largely the same. The global Fiesta is now in its sixth generation, with the current U.S.-market model being offered stateside in almost undiluted form compared to its European counterparts.

To reach the milestone of the best-selling car in the U.K., the Fiesta surpassed another Ford car: the Escort. The European-market Escort (different from the North American version) was produced in Europe from 1968 through 2000, selling 4,105,961 in the U.K. during those 32 years. The Fiesta overtook the Ford Focus as Britain's best-selling car in 2009 in terms of popularity if not overall units sold, but it wasn't until July 2014 that the production tally eclipsed that of the long-serving Escort.

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