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2018 Nissan GTR : Concept Cars

The doubt was installed as the estate of the current Nissan GTR. But the new fell this week and the direction of the constructor is to allow the launch of another generation of the GTR. If the current named GTR R35, the R36 should be unveiled in the summer of 2017. But rest assured that the automotive press will closely monitor all stages of the development of this car that was both jasee before its unveiling.

The Nissan GTR has been up to now a rather successful career through its price sale very well placed, as performance that allowed to come and bother the segment of super sports stars. However, Inside Line announced there is little that the R35 may well be the last RPP to see the day, since the new generation would not be produced. But finally, journalists at Inside Line change speech and we say that all is not lost.

The speculation surrounding its possible development are due to the State of health of the Chief and Director of the project engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno. The first information gleaned here and there mention that the next Nissan GTR will be more powerful still and it will be hybrid. The trend requires manufacturers to develop less polluting but more powerful cars.

It should be noted that a major facelift of the current GTR is planned for 2013, the GTR will display then six year career.

For the moment, no technical information is made public by Nissan, but Inside Line strongly favors a hybrid technology to propose something similar to Honda and its future NSX. In the meantime, there is time to see coming.

Pending this new venue, the direction of Nissan announces already the RWG 2014 will benefit from some improvements to maintain the place of Godzilla in the cars of high level top. To follow of course!

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