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2015 Genty Akylone : Current Models

It is about a new car projected by the Gently Automobile and the name of this supercar is Akylone. This car has amazing characteristics, like power with 1000 HP and light weight that promises superb performances.

The most impressive is that the design of the Akylone is not copy of the American of Italian supercars, but is original and attractive by itself that is noticeable by the photos.

To justify the thesis about the superb performances we serve you the next information’s. Akylone has V8 bi-turbo 4.8 litre aggregate which produced 1014 HP. Also the people from the company said that Akylone will speed-up from 0 to 100 for only 2.7 seconds, for what we need a test. On the other hand this supercar will reach a fantastic maximal speed of 354 km/h. The price for Akylone which will be produced in limited series is still unknown.

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