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2014 Dodge Dart : Current Models

Great adventures have a habit of never ending, and now you have a car that can keep up. Get up to 41 highway mpg+ without sacrificing an ounce of power or performance.

All three of the four-cylinder engines available on Dart feature dual Variable Valve Timing (VVT) to help maximize performance. Varying the intake valve timing allows the engine to recycle energy instead of rejecting it as heat. This reduces engine effort and improves combustion, which helps to improve efficiency and power.

Get up to 35 highway mpg+ with the 2.4L Tigershark® MultiAir® II engine, up to 36 highway mpg+ with the 2.0L Tigershark® engine, and up to 41 highway mpg+ with the 1.4L MultiAir® Turbo engine.

Fill it and forget it. Imagine how far you can go on one tank of gas. On select Dart models you can get over 500 miles on a single fill.

The Dodge Dart is the first Dodge brand vehicle to use an active grille shutter system. By redirecting airflow around the front and down the sides of the vehicle, rather than through the engine compartment, the shutters help reduce drag to provide enhanced aerodynamic performance. Active grille shutters are standard on the Dodge Dart Aero, GT and Limited. They are available on SE and SXT.

MultiAir technology controls intake air, cylinder-by-cylinder and stroke-by-stroke, depending on the precise operating conditions and demands from the driver and engine control system.

The result is significant: MultiAir technology helps increase low engine torque, improve efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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