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Kia Ray : Concept Cars

The stylish, Kia Ray Plug-In Hybrid Concept still sets a high-standard that was shown at the Chicago Auto Show last week. The folks at Car Dealers In Wallingford CT called it one of the best environmentally friendly vehicles around. Kia continues to bring a more sportier look, but maintain it’s sleek body. It’s the best fuel efficient vehicle known by the Korean company, EcoDynamics. Strong and lightweight materials are used to support the EcoDynamics philosophy.

As a plug-in hybrid, the Ray is designed to reach driving distances of more than 50 miles using its electric motor on a single charge, has a fuel economy rating of more than 202 miles per gallon, and has a total range of 746 miles. Definitely, giving the Ray a bold and striking appearance. A LED Kia badge covered with a single piece of glass that extends over the hood and another piece of glass that extends from the cowl of the windshield to the rear header to offer passengers a spacious, airy feeling. This front-wheel-drive concept is powered by a direct-injection 1.4-liter engine and a 78 kilowatt electric motor. Middletown Kia sees the Ray as the future of the the Korean brand’s design language and hints at the brand’s hybrid future.

Offering a more luxurious feel, while making the interior more inviting and tranquil. A lighted bluish white-colored battery charge indicator display is hood-mounted, giving the Kia Ray concept’s futuristic design. The wool flooring creates a simple, yet sophisticated, comfortable feeling. Full of a variety of features, the Kia Ray is a divine vehicle. With a light-weight touch screen instrument layout featuring touch screen push-button start and gear shift toggle. The center stack features the all-new Kia UVO powered by MicrosoftR advanced infotainment system. Providing users with friendly voice- and touch-activated controls for easy management of music files and hands-free mobile phone operations. Kia keeps everything simple.

This new concept shows Kia’s interest in entering the hybrid market. Clearly, the brand is gunning for is Toyota, but Toyota dealers Albuquerque aren’t worried. The third generation Prius continues to be the most popular hybrid vehicle in North America and abroad, and the automaker will only continue to develop its hybrid tech. Aside from Toyota and Kia, Arlington Acura expects to see more hybrid offerings from numerous brands in the very near future, especially due to new emissions regulations on the horizon.

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