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Fisker Karma Relaunching In 2015 : News

We think the Fisker Karma was a beautiful car and a good idea, but there are good reasons for why it failed. It didn't offer the combination of performance and efficiency that people wanted from it, given the price. Once that was compounded by the fact that some of them were bursting into flames when they got wet, sales just weren't too good.

Now Wanxiang, the Chinese auto-parts company that bought the remains of Fisker, is planning to re-launch the Karma in 2014. The burns-when-wet problem has already been fixed, but apart from that, the performance problems still abound. There's a big difference in the market now, however, and its name is BMW i8. The i8 promises to be everything the Karma wanted to be.

We applaud Wanxiang for having cojones grande, but we can't see this paying off.

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