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Bentley Flying Spur V8 : Current Models

Having a chauffeur so that you can work while on the move is all very well, apart from one little problem: travel sickness. Because how many of you, honestly, could get from A to B while staring at your laptop, without ending up down a road that eventually ends up with your head in a sick bag? Those last five words are probably not what Bentley was hoping would precede the introduction of its new V8 Flying Spur. But as I'm in the back seat, travelling through London while writing this review, it's very much in the back of my mind. To be fair, this esteemed publication has form when it comes to this kind of thing, thanks to a colleague who fell ill while riding in a £230,000 Mulsanne.

Still, as she'll tell you, there are worse places to be sick than in the back of a Bentley. Indeed, it's all very nice back here; lots of leg room, dark grey leather, a Naim stereo system, WiFi, flashes of chrome on the door handle and window switches, plus a snazzy touchscreen remote control to operate the two entertainment screens. What's more, my seat is of the fully electric, massaging and cooled variety, so that when I start to turn green I can simply lie back, close my eyes and imagine I am in control.

That shouldn't be too hard, given that just a few hours ago I was, in fact, in control. Setting off from central London, I had guided the oh-so wide Bentley to and through some of the finest countryside the south east of England has to offer. The North Downs, the South Downs, the New Forest... glorious, especially when bathed in spring sunshine and seen through the windscreen of a £136,000 car.

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