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2015 Jaguar C-X75 : Concept Cars

2015 Jaguar C X75 cars concept of the new model which is quite impressive differently designed and improved from previous Jaguar products . With new models such as the F – Type Roadster , and concepts such as C – X16 and Project 7 , the British brand sharper and edgier has turned into a huge success on some kind of roll lately .

2015 Jaguar C-X75 Release Date
Jaguar still needed to prove that this potential effect on more than just a design study . Now , under the influence arm of Tata, Jaguar look into building ” a more accessible variation of the concept C – X75 ” and will do so sometime between 2013 and 2015 with 250 units of the crazy cool production version of the 2015 Jaguar C X75 . The production model will be sport -based and will be built in conjunction with the Williams F1 team .

2015 Jaguar C-X75 Changes
Production 2015 C – X75 will still carry the possibility of four electric motors attached to each axle , but the oh -so – jet cool mounted on the concept will be taken out and replaced with a supercharged 1.6L gasoline engine . Yes , we know the jets would be amazing to see in a production model , but the specs for the C – X75 will not disappoint anyone . Plus , we still could see the jets in a later production version since Tata has a big stake in Bladon Jets . For now , we will stick to the phenomenal elements of the future C – X75 .

Engine of 2015 Jaguar C-X75
2015 Jaguar C X75 will likely use a machine with a seven-speed single clutch transmission and will either send power to the rear wheels , or to generate electricity for lithium – ion . This supercar will offer two driving modes : all – electric and hybrid . In electric mode , it will give you the autonomy of 37 miles and the hybrid mode , it will go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds and to a top speed of 200 mph .

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