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2015 Chak Motors Molot : Concept Cars

We just got a design submission from Igor Chak, this time, he designed a futuristic superbike, 2015 Chak Motors Molot. When it comes to choosing a motorcycle, there is not much choice on the market today, the safest is usually the biggest, most of the bikes that have any safety features are the touring bikes but when it comes to super sport you don’t really have much to compare.

Igor Chak offers a safer and smarter concept motorcycle. ABS has been around since the 70’s but it’s just recently been appearing on motorcycles. This project incorporates advanced technologies that don’t cost a fortune to make this motor bike lighter, stronger, and safer. The word Molot itself is a Russian word that means a sledge or a mallet type hammer, it perfectly describes aggressive, tough, and technologically advanced 1000cc superbike.

2015 Chak Motors Molot is basically a modified Honda CBR 1000RR ABS version, so, it’s not built-from-scratch bike. Why CBR 1000RR? The project team believes that this is by far, the best motorcycle in the market. The construction allows them to completely strip everything, from frame, engine, and wheels.

The frame has been modified to give lighter look, rear cowl might look fragile, but don’t be fooled by its look, it’s actually very sturdy. Aluminum has been used to make this vehicle can support up to 440 pounds. The overall design is aggressive and aerodynamic, every line and part has been made to serve a purpose. The handle bars on top have been covered, all those hose and break lines are hidden from view. In this way, those parts are protected from bad weather.

Molot features all LED light system, not a single incandescent bulb, because we know LED headlights provide better visibility, response time, and high durability. The side mirrors are also equipped with LED lights. If cars uses PEBS (Predictive Emergency Braking System), now you can find the same system on this superbike along with blind spot sensor, LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System), built-in HD cameras (front and rear), and gyroscope to detect any anomaly in vibration and control.

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