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The Maserati Club : Clubs

The Maserati Club (TMC) is a not-for-profit club operated by and for the members and dedicated to the following goals. In reading our publications and attending our events you will come to experience the special quality which makes Maserati and TMC unique.

To inspire the ownership, operation, restoration, and preservation of Maserati automobiles
To serve as a resource to members for information on Maserati news, history, & tech data
To encourage camaraderie amongst Maserati enthusiasts
To assist members in locating Maserati cars, parts, and service
To generally increase awareness in the "House of the Trident"
Currently there are four U.S. and five international TMC chapters:

Eastern Chapter(based in New York)

Southeast Chapter(based in Tennesee)

Rocky Mountain Chapter (based in Colorado)

California Chapter (based in California)

TMC: Canada (based in Toronto, Canada)

Maserati Club of Japan (based in Tokyo, Japan)

TMC: South Africa (in Rivonia, South Africa)

TMC: Scuderia del Tridente (in Venice, Italy)

Magyar Maserati Club (in Budapest, Hungary)

Members include enthusiasts, collectors, journalists, and a number of well known race car drivers. Club Officers are elected by the Membership and serve without financial compensation. TMC is managed by an International Board of Directors, consisting of one representative from each Chapter. International Board Members serve at the discretion of their Chapters and all have an equal voice in Club affairs. The International Board influences only those aspects of Club business that affect all of the Chapters. These cooperative efforts include the joint publication of our internationally renowned, multi award-winning magazine, IL TRIDENTE, our electronic nnewsletter, iL NETTUNO, and numerous club events including international events such as MASER MIGLIA. Currently Chapter "reps" are:

Michael A. Demyanovich (SE)
Shinichi Ekko (MCJ)
Attila Horvath (MMC)
Ian Huntley (SA)
Doug Magnon (CA)
Giovanni Marcelli (Canada)
Dario Montanarini (SDT)
Gary Sisson (RMC)
Ken West (EC)

We believe that TMC Chapters should be autonomous and self-supporting. This means that each Chapter controls its own affairs and finances, elects its own officers, manages its own schedule of events, and shapes its own identity. Some Chapters publish their own local newsletters in addition to IL TRIDENTE. All dues are paid to the local Chapters. TMC welcomes all Maserati enthusiasts in any country and will consider the formation of additional chapters any place where local participation will sustain an organization.

Together we have united to serve you, the Maserati enthusiast. Besides publishing our magazine, IL TRIDENTE, our annual TMC Calendar, and new North American Newsletter iL NETTUNO, we collectively hold over 50 Maserati events during the year, all over the world. Take a look at our "events " page and you'll see we run lots of fun activities for Maserati enthusiasts during the year. If you are looking for an active, event driven Maserati Club, then you've come to the right place! This is the club for those of you seeking to drive & get the most out of your Maseratis, as well as learning about Maserati's quite extensive history, soul, and traditions.

Upon joining you'll receive a subscription to IL TRIDENTE, current TMC Calendar, car window sticker, membership card, and our national parts & service directory listing every Maserati vendor we know of. In 2004 we began our new National Newsletter called iL NETTUNO (in which members are entitled to free classified advertising) which is distributed 4x a year electronically via the member's section of our website. iL NETTUNO classifieds contain a large, current listing (updated before each issue) of Maserati cars and parts for sale which are also published to our Internet site. Although anyone can join any chapter to become a member we suggest joining the TMC chapter geographically nearest you as you'll receive local announcements regarding area events in addition to iL TRIDENTE and IL NETTUNO.

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