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Lamborghini Ankonian : Concept Cars

Designated after the bull type which is famous for his black hair, the black Lamborghini Ankonian concept has been created by a German student named Slavche Tanevschi - a very talented one, we might add. “This is one of the two proposals I did for my first project at school (super Lambo as a first project, can you imagine!? scream...),” said Tanevski.

“The design was done in 2008 and it was chosen by the Chef designer of Lamborghini in the top 3 designs, and I got sponsored to do the model. The model was done in clay (1/4 scale) and took me much time and much effort. The hard model was finished in July 2009,” he added.

The triangular forms of the Ankonian, which draws styling cues from the Reventon, as well as the color combination of shiny black and matt dark grey, makes it both hardcore and elegant at the same time. Tanevski says he had the support of Lamborghini and Audi Advanced designers when doing the clay modeling, which helped him lend it a professional touch.

Technical aspects of the concept are sketchy at this point, but what we do know is that this is a mid-engined supercar for 2016, housed in a rather narrow body, cab backward classical GT silhouette. “In addition, the hot-rod stance gives it a push forward, and the symbolic presence of wings and the arrow-like door graphic make the car very dynamical, even when it is in standing position,” Tanevski explains.

“By leaving the usual headlight graphics, and having very thin OLEDs embedded between the surfaces, an eccentric and mysterious feeling is achieved. The same principle was applied at the back too, by doing an alien-like face with two big exhausts as eyes, and diffuser as mouth. Again, the lights are put on a position man would not expect,” he concluded.

When we first tried to imagine how the driver of this car would look like, we said Batman. But taking a closer look at this 2016 ride and at its name (Ankonian - Anakin Skywalker), we found that Darth Vader would be more suitable to get behind its wheel.

Our take: The force is strong with this one...

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