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Hyundai i-Oniq : Concept Cars

The first image of the new Hyundai i-oniq Concept car has been released, showcasing new technology and design which present an impression of the company's future thinking.

The Hyundai i-oniq is an electric sports hatchback wîth a range-extending petrol engine. Intended to convey the latest thinking from Hyundai's designers and engineers, the i-oniq evolves the company's fluidic sculpture form language and represents bold 'New Possibilities' wîth its futuristic powertrain.

Hyundai stylists chose dynamic proportions to create i-oniq's aesthetic and functional body shape. Its design combines gentle feature lines and muscular surface treatment, conveying both premium and sporty qualities evident in both the exterior and interior of the car. Further design elements, such as the 'penthouse roof' and LED headlights, emphasise the efficiency and advanced technology encased within Hyundai i-oniq Concept.

At 4.4 metres long, Hyundai i-oniq Concept has space for four occupants in its driver-oriented cabin. High-tech equipment in the driver interface and controls reflects contemporary and future premium consumer electronics technology. Passengers benefit from a lounge-style space designed to optimise comfort, featuring sculpted surfaces inspired by musical instruments to create a positive contrast wîth the sports-focused driver area.

The Hyundai i-oniq Concept has an innovative powertrain that demonstrates Hyundai's commitment to clean technology. A 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine is mated, via a generator, to a lithium ion electric motor which produces 109 ps. In electric-only mode, i-oniq has a range of 120 km, while wîth assistance from the petrol engine it can travel up to 700 km, producing just 45 g/km of CO2 in the process.

Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, Allan Rushforth, commented, 'The i-oniq concept has been created to reflect the new thinking that runs through the Hyundai brand. It has a bold design, inside and out, that provokes contemplation on the future of automotivepossibilities, and a powertrain that highlights one of the ways in which we could power future products - wrapped in a package that exudes premium qualities.'

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