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BMW Just 4/2 : Concept Cars

The BMW Just 4/2 was a lightweight sports car design which was the winner of an internal BMW corporate competition.

The designer was Robert Powell, a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Over the space of 12 months, and with the help of over 100 BMW engineers, the design was taken from the drawing board and made into a operational prototype.

The Just 4/2 concept was powered by a mid-rear mounted 1.1 litre engine borrowed from a BMW K1100 motorcycle. With its light (550 kg / 1212 lb) overall weight and this engine the BMW Just 4/2 could sprint to 60 mph in just six seconds.

Not the most luxurious of vehicles, the BMW Just 4/2 lacked almost any protection from the elements. Instead of a normal windscreen the Just 4/2 was fitted with a low level wind deflector. The detachable door panels meant that the car could be transformed from a conventional roadster into an exoskeleton sports car.

The interior of the BMW Just 4/2 featured 2 lightweight carbon fibre sports seats, a leather clad steering wheel, and a simple dash layout. A small, very small, amount of cargo could be carried in a detachable compartment fitted above the engine bay.

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