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2014 Mitsuoka Orochi Final Edition : Current Models

The lesser known Mitsuoka, is a small automaker based in Toyama that pretty much re-bodies existing Japanese cars to look like old English ones, the craziest creation is surely the Orochi, and now it appears that the model is at the ending of its production cycle.

Built on an Acura NSX platform originally, the Orochi is regarded as one of the strangest looking vehicles on the road with 4 elliptical eyes, and a pursed lips grille, with portal vents up the hood noting that the engine is in the back, and Lamborghini style scissor doors, with McLaren F1 style side windows and bizarre curves that look like something we might have drawn in our notebooks when we were kids. It is coined after a mythical dragon, originally unveiled in 2001 and entered production in 2007, and is powered by a 3.3L V6 that is supplied by Toyota, producing only 233hp and has a 5 speed and is sold in limited numbers.

Before it ends its production, Mitsuoka is reportedly building one last run of Final Editions, with all the hallmarks that made the Orochi stand out when Top Gear went to Japan, and this Final Edition gets unique 19” alloys, and front splitter, and rear winglets and a choice of either Fuyoru blackberry or in light gold pearl paint.

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