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1955 Willys Jeep : Classic Cars

When you think of Willys Jeep you usually think of an olive drab military vehicle. At least that is what we thought. When Corky found this worn down Jeep during the filming of Backroad Gold, we thought it would be cool to mix a bit of military influence into this civilian Jeep. How did we do it? The tires, of course! A set of our brand new Firestone 6.00-16 NDT Military tires did the trick and gave this Jeep a cool look, to go along with the superb restoration by Honest Charley. This Jeep is a nice piece, and it could be yours.

After it was pulled out of the barn, the Jeep received a full restoration, and now, it runs and drives great. The short wheelbase, four wheel drive, manual transmission Jeep is very capable off road, and it just plain looks cool. The four-cylinder engine is no power house, but it does the job and it’s original to the Jeep.

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