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1934 Cadillac Fleetwood V-12 : Classic Cars

The Cadillac name has been a hallmark in American luxury for over a hundred years. Started in 1902 by master mechanic, Henry M. Leland and named after the founder of the city of Detroit. There are certainly many chapters in the Cadillac story, from the brass era, to the 2013 CTS-V coupe, but perhaps the very pinnacle of Cadillac’s stellar history is found in the classic era of the 1930s. Long and immense wheelbases, extravagant interiors with the finest materials, and engines with a quiet dignity that effortlessly moved these huge cars with ease at modern highway speeds. At a time when the wealthiest of society could have custom built cars from a multitude of coachbuilders, many chose the one-stop shopping of Cadillac, not only were these formal limousines riding on an immense wheelbase, but they were also powered by mighty V-8s, V-12s, and even V-16s of the day. Starting from a nicely preserved original, this 370-D was restored in 2011 to full factory specifications and is now in literally like-new condition. So correct is this Cadillac, that it is even fitted with its rare factory radio. The Model 370-D was powered by Cadillac’s mighty 12-cylinder engine rated at 150 horsepower. The 370-D rides on an immense 146-inch wheelbase that offers uncompromising comfort under any road conditions. Cadillac buyers even had their choice of a V-style or flat windshield for 1934 and this example carries the smooth and stylish flat windshield. Selling for an astounding $4,545 in 1934, the 370-D was not a car for the masses, which explains their rarity today. This charming example is also fitted with factory dual side-mounted spare tires. The interior of this 7-passenger Cadillac is without equal and features beautifully restored upholstery work. Weighing in at over 5,000 pounds, Cadillac’s Model 370-D is a heavy car that rides as good as it looks. This Model 370-D is a fully certified CCCA approved Classic and is welcome at all concours and CCCA events. Only three examples of this dramatic sloping back body style exist. There may be other cars, but none carry the name of luxury better than Cadillac. This fine example of Cadillac’s history is a car that offers a grand reputation for reliable touring in high style while also serving as a show piece for any collection.

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