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Meister Watches and Formula Drift have announced a partnership that makes the former the official timekeeper of the professional drifting competition. Considering how similar both companies are in their market base, the tie-up between the two sides can be described as a match made in urban drift heaven.

Apart from MSTR serving as the official timekeeper for Formula Drift, the partnership between the two companies also includes the production of a limited-edition watch to commemorate Formula Drift’s 10th anniversary. Turns out, when you’ve established a reputation as the premier drift competition in the world, the opportunity to partner with a watchmaker known for its urban street-wear image was too good to pass up.

The said limited-edition watch is based on MSTR’s popular Mark-2 Ambassador line. It’s specially created specifically for the occasion of Formula Drift’s 10th year anniversary so unique details like a full 316L stainless-steel case and a textured rubber band are part of its details. To add more separation to the standard Ambassador, the limited edition watch will also carry Formula Drift’s signature red and black colors to go with touches of high-performance, carbon-fiber and a signature red ring circling its race-inspired dial face.

Only 300 pieces of this timepiece will be created, each individually numbered and carrying a price of $275.00 on the MSTR website.

Here’s where it gets interesting though. You can actually win one of these 300 watches! All you have to do is follow @MSTRwatches & @FormulaD on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. From there, you’re gonna have to take a photo at any of the of the events on the Formula Drift calendar use #MSTRdrift. Tag @MSTRwatches & @FormulaD and you can be chosen as the recipient of this incredibly unique watch from MSTR.

Meister Watches
Meister” is a translation from the German word for “Master” - who is a revered leader and artisan qualified to teach others. A Meister is known as a superior taste maker who inspires others and paves the path into the future.

The MSTR group has been actively engaged in building a solid foundation for a brand that continues to gain new fans everyday from all over the globe. Our unprecedented dedication to providing designer products made with the utmost quality is prevalent in each new product line we release. Since the launch of the company we have partnered up with various NBA, MLB, UFC, pro skate, and music icons to collaboratively design timepieces that are all made in collectible quantities. MSTR focuses on working with only the most recognized individuals in their respective fields to demonstrate what being a Meister entails.

Our timepiece series was created to push the boundaries of contemporary fashion without compromising traditional craftsmanship. Meister watches feature multiple pieced designs that blend various materials such as carbon fiber, stainless steel, and an assortment of rare leathers into a bold collection of functional timepieces.

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