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2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR48 Speedboat : Videos

Host : loucam08

If you've always wanted to combine your passion for Corvettes and speed boats, here's hoping you have $1.7 (€1.26) million to spare.

Built by Marine Technology Incorporated, this ZR1-inspired boat is constructed from carbon fiber and features lighting units from the legendary sports car. Elsewhere, there are gull wing doors, an electric sliding rear window and two turbocharged Mercury Racing engines that develop 1350 hp (1007 kW / 1369 PS) each.

Inside, the cabin has a full Corvette interior with an original steering wheel, instrument cluster and gear knob. Other highlights include leather seats, LED accent lighting and an 8000 watt audio system.

Since the boat is too big for most roads, it includes a custom trailer to haul it around. However, it looks like you'll have to find your own big rig to tow it.

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