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1986 Ferrari 328 GTS : Classic Cars

Perhaps one of the most recognizable designs ever penned for Ferrari by Pininfarina is that of the 308. The 308 was much different from Ferrari’s first two-seat, mid-engined road car, the 246 Dino, as its design was angular, sharp, and more forward thinking. Nevertheless, the 308 was an instant hit, and it came to define late ’70s and early ’80s sports cars.

As successful as the 308 was, Ferrari’s engineers found ways to refine its design and mechanicals without losing the flair that defined the 308. What emerged was a car that was improved in every aspect; it was a car that could stand tall amongst its siblings, despite the fact it was produced at the same time as the Testarossa and 288 GTO. That car was the 328.

Taking much of its design styling from the 308, the 328 exhibits several subtle differences from its predecessor, including molded bumpers, a slightly smaller front grille, and a roof spoiler. Pininfarina’s designers also smoothed out the shape of the body’s shape to make it appear slightly less aggressive overall. Inside, Ferrari introduced new and more supportive seats and refined ergonomics with improved general quality to make the car’s driving experience more intuitive. Mechanically, overall capacity was raised to 3,186 cubic centimeters through increasing the bore and stroke, which helped to bring maximum horsepower to 270 at 7,000 rpms. The 328 could also reach a top speed of 160 mph and go from 0–60 in just 5.5 seconds.

Within the realm of the 328, this example stands out among the rest for a variety of reasons. This 1986 GTS model, finished in rare Azzuro Blue, was purchased new by James Khougaz from Hollywood Sports Cars in Hollywood, California. Khougaz was a well-known builder of hot rods in the 1950s and 1960s, and he always longed for a Ferrari, before he finally had the chance to purchase one to call his own in 1986. Khougaz cherished the car and drove it sparingly before his age caught up with him, resulting in the car being left in his climate-controlled garage, where it sat for the last nine years before his passing.

The car was purchased by its second owner from Khougaz’s estate and was brought back to working order with a complete service, which included a replacement of the all-important timing belt. A lot of documentation remains with the car from Khougaz’s ownership, including the original sales contract, window sticker, owner’s and warranty manuals, original tool kit, and previous registration information. However, the car was never titled in the second owner’s name, and it retains Khougaz’s original California license plate and title.

Today, the 328 GTS is very popular with tifosi for a variety of reasons. This model has a reputation for being very reliable and well built; thus, 328 owners are known to drive their cars frequently. For the individual looking for their first Ferrari, a 328 GTS is an excellent choice, considering its performance, styling, and reliability, and its service costs that won’t break the bank. Additionally, the car is factory original in every respect, down to the original tires, which are still without cracking.

With two owners from new, a recent major service, and a color not often seen on 328s, this is a Ferrari not to be missed.

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