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1969 Mazda Cosmo L10B Coupe : Classic Cars

Although founded in the 1920s, the company that would become Mazda Motor Corporation did not commence series production of passenger cars until 1960. Only four years later the Japanese firm exhibited its first rotary-engined prototype, having acquired the rights to produce NSU's Wankel-designed engines. In 1966 Mazda launched its first rotary, the Cosmo L10A, which went into production the following year. Mazda's flagship model, the Cosmo was powered by a twin-rotor engine displacing 982cc and producing 110bhp, which was enough to endow the pretty two-seater coupé with a top speed of 185km/h. In July 1968 a more powerful and faster (128bhp, 193km/h) L10B version on a longer wheelbase was introduced. Production was limited, and when the Cosmo was phased out in 1972 only 1,519 had been made, 1,176 of which were the L10B version.

This Cosmo has belonged to the Belgian Mazda importer since the early 1990s and in 1992 was exhibited at the Brussels Motor Show at Autoworld. Currently displaying a total of 51,093 kilometres on the odometer, the car is described as in very good driving order, benefiting from overhauled steering (2010); new starter motor and carburettor rebuild (2011); and overhauled rear brakes (2012). The interior is said to be in good condition while the only notified fault is slight corrosion beneath the front wings. This rare and historic Mazda rotary is offered with Belgian registration papers and a magazine featuring the Cosmo.

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