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1935 Packard Twelve : Classic Cars

The first Packard V12 production vehicle was in 1915 and dubbed the Twin Six. With this vehicle and its potent powerplant, Packard entered into a new degree of sophistication and prowess in the luxury car marketplace.

In 1924 the Twin Six was replaced by Packard's straight eight which would carry the Packard name through the 1920s. With the onset of the Great Depression, and the escalating cylinder wars of the other automakers, Packard revived their twelve-cylinder powerplant.

The new Twin Six made its debut in 1932. It was an advanced machine with hydraulic valve lifters and a modified L-head design. Horsepower was attractive, rated at 160 bhp from the 445 cubic-inch unit. The Twin Six became known as the Twelve the following year and remained in production through 1939. In war time, the twelve cylinder unit was used for military boats and aircraft.

This car was owned by Henry Fisher in the late 1930s and later passed to his daughter, Ann Klein. The car is in original condition with its interior showing very little wear and the exterior paint is still exceptional considering its age. The chrome plating, also original, is still in good condition. The wood trim surrounding the windshield needs refurbishing.

This car has been driven 52,000 miles since new, is mechanically original, a Full Classic and eligible for all the CCCA's many regional and national activities.

Mounted under the bonnet is a 385 cubic-inch V12 L-head engine mounted at a 67-degree angle and produces 175 horsepower. There is a three-speed selective synchromesh gearbox and a rear-mounted spare tire and cover.

This 1935 Packard Twelve Model 1207 Coupe was offered for sale at the 2007 Gooding & Company auction held in Pebble Beach, California where it was estimated to sell for $100,000 - $125,000. As bidding got underway, it soon became obvious that the estimates were far too low. As the gavel fell for the third and final time, the lot had been sold for the sum of $242,000 including buyer's premium.

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