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BMW-Designed Subway Trains For Kuala Lumpur : News

Kuala Lumpur is set to get a slick updated public transport network, courtesy of German train manufacturer Siemens and an environmentally conscious BMW group design subsidiary.

A new underground ‘Guiding Light' passenger train concept has been designed for the city's Klang Valley region, paying tribute to the metropolis's diverse multicultural demographic. The new design is the brainchild of global creative consultancy DesignworksUSA, part of the BMW group.

The driverless trains will reference Kuala Lumpur's architecture through striking exterior graphic design motifs, while a vibrant color scheme will reflect the city's dynamism as well as serve a practical purpose. A vivid blue interior will contrast with brightly colored doors, helping to guide passengers for an easy entrance or exit.

LED lighting systems will be used throughout the trains, with indirect under-seat lighting creating a feeling of spaciousness and safety. Fabricated from lightweight stainless steel and weight-optimized components, the vehicles will be 95 percent recyclable.

"The exterior design is a bold statement of dynamism and strength," said Laurenz Schaffer, President of BMW Group DesignworksUSA. "It symbolizes self confidence, technological leadership, progress and safety."

DesignworksUSA is a California-based strategic design consultancy, known for its work with clients as varied as Adidas, Rolls-Royce, Microsoft and Starbucks. It is estimated that 58 of the trains will be in service as of 2017.

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