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2014 Skoda VisionC : Concept Cars

Skoda has revealed pictures of the Vision C Concept that’s headed for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The Czech brand is visibly aiming to move more upmarket with the Vision C concept.

Skoda says that the Vision C concept previews the next stage in their design language and going by the design cues on the concept, Skodas in the future will be much more edgy and sporty. In profile the Vision C resembles the Audi A7 Sportback. Since Skoda is part of the Volkswagen group, it isn’t a surprise to see the next Czech star look similar to the striking Audi. The Vision C is a five door coupe with a notchback design. The tailgate opens with the rear windscreen and has a stubby boot which is typical notchback styling. The front grille and hood design are from present day Skoda cars but the sharper and angrier headlights and taillights are new details on the concept.

The concept has the potent 110PS 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine under the hood but the most interesting part is that it also comes with a CNG tank. This helps the Vision C achieve an excellent CO2 emission value of 91 g/km, making it compliant to the European Union’s 2020 emission standards. The company says that the drive technology is close to production.

Helping achieve these ambitious emission figures is a combination of lightweight materials and a fairly low drag coefficient of 0.26. Now we get why the coupe body style for chosen! The concept uses carbon fibre for the fuel tank and bolt-on parts such as the wings, bonnet and doors are made of aluminium. We doubt if all the materials will be carried forward to the production car and the segment between the Octavia and Superb, where the Vision C concept fits in isn’t one where you can take too many liberties with pricing of the car.

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