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1965 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Roadster : Classic Cars

In 1964, the E-Type received several important upgrades including a 4.2-litre version of the famous XK engine. Other upgrades included a fully synchromesh transmission, new Laycock-Hausserman clutch, revised engine cooling, revised electrical system and a larger footwell space. These became the most desirable version of the famous E-Type due to their increased power and usability.

Although listed as the same bhp as the 3.8, the newer model produced 255 bhp at 5400 rpm compared to 5500. Autocar also noted that torque was increased across the power band by about 10 percent. The new block was longer and completely redesigned to make room for 5mm larger bores. This gave Jaguar the opportunity to redesign the crankshaft to use newer bearings. The cooling system was redesigned to maintain the overall size of the engine. Outwardly the 4.2 is distinguished by its one-piece cast exhaust manifolds. Other upgrades include a new alternator/generator and an electric cooling fan for the radiator.

Priced at only £66 more than the outgoing 3.8 model, the new E-Type was well worth the upgrade. The interior also had redesigned seats and ditched the aluminum panels in the center console.

Options on the roadster included a fiberglas top, radio, alternative gear ratios, chrome wire wheels, tinted glass and whitewall tires.

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