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1959 Ferrari Marciano Dino 196 : Classic Cars

Ferrari sports racing cars of the 1950s are among the most desirable, beautiful, and valuable cars in existenc. Dominant in racing, a pleasure to drive, and highly collectible, they are the holy grail in the collector car sphere and are now so valuable that they are rarely used, depriving the public and their owners of the joy of experiencing them. Consequently, high-quality reconfigurations using Ferrari mechanical components and faithfully recreate the construction of the original cars have garnered the interest of Ferrari enthusiasts and collectors seeking the experience of some of the most significant automobiles ever constructed without the multi-million dollar price tags.

This particular example is a recreation of the 196 Dino, among the earliest six cylinder Ferrari sports cars and fitted Ferrari’s pattern of placing the latest Formula 1 engine into a sports car. The notion of fitting a V6 engine was still quite novel, and Lancia had introduced the world’s first V6 powerplant only a few years earlier. This particular car is a faithful aluminum bodied recreation of the 196 that was built at least 20 years ago. It is a cosmetically attractive example with light mellowing, which takes the newness edge off, making the car a bit more credible and authentic in appearance. It was obviously crafted to high standards with excellent panel fit and high quality paint. The paintwork is in excellent shape with minimal signs of wear and aging. Covered Marchal headlamps are fitted and the remaining lights and glazing are excellent. The car sits on attractive wire wheels which wear Pirelli Cinturato tires.

The interior is spartanly finished with tubular construction that mimics the original 196 Dino. The leather seats are in fine shape, and the interior components are painted silver and in generally excellent order. The wood steering wheel is evocative and in excellent order, as are the gauges. The tachometer is a Jaeger unit. The car is fitted with a handbrake.

The engine compartment is impressive, with visible tubular structure and exposed velocity stacks atop the Weber carburetors and red painted valve covers. The V6 powerplant is a Dino unit from a Fiat Dino, which was shared with the Ferrari Dino. The engine compartment is clean and tidy throughout.

The car is evocative and exciting to drive. The exhaust note is fantastic and the gearbox and driveline work harmoniously. The chassis has a coherent and tight feel that is not always present in this genre of car, and the brakes very effective. The gearing is exceptionally tall, making the car well suited to high speed travel.

This is an unusual opportunity to acquire an exciting and beautiful 196 Dino recreation that is aesthetically stunning and a thrill to drive. It was built to high standards and employs genuine Ferrari driveline. It represents excellent value compared to the more refined Ferrari alternatives at the same price point.

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