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McLaren 12C Coupe : Videos

Host : Shmee150

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the new Shmeemobile, a McLaren 12C Coupe finished in 'Shmee blue'. The car was purchased from McLaren Manchester, and immediately went to Dub Customs where it received the makeover using the latest 3M materials, before being presented here at the McLaren Technology Centre where it was originally created.

It is with huge thanks to all of those involved that this has been made possible:

McLaren Manchester for the fantastic service and holding with me through the paperwork process, and of course a great handover from which I will have two following videos; showing both taking delivery of a car like this, and then the full induction process to the car, for you to see what it's like from an owners perspective.

Dub Customs for wrapping it in such a quick timeframe to keep everything secret before this reveal! Not only that but doing such a fantastic job, because quite honestly the wrap is completely top notch. There will be a full feature video of the wrapping process showing you in detail how it works to follow.

3M for the 'Shmee Blue' material used on the new car, the latest technologies making it so easy to work with and pain free to install.

With the launch of the new car comes a brand new website filled with all sorts of information and the latest Shmee150 news.

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Sources : McLaren 12C Coupe Photo | McLaren 12C Coupe Video


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