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Datsun Redi-Go : Concept Cars

Specific specs were kept mum, but if produced the crossover would create a new segment in India. The only hard numbers revealed were the seating capacity (five). wheelbase (92.5 inches) and the size of its dark chrome alloy wheels (15 inches).

Key to the design is short front and rear overhangs for maneuverability in congested cities and light off-roading duty. The concept has a strong presence for a small car. Though dipped in lime green, its rocker panels and wheel arches feature a sliver of gray cladding a la Subaru Outback or Audi Allroad but subtler. Distinct character lines and flared wheel arches provide the tall profile some visual flair without being overly busy.

The redi-GO's face features Datsun's hexagonal grille, swept back towards a short hood that flows easily into the A-pillars. LED fog lights give the concept a slightly upscale touch. The concept's roof is finished in matte black with a tessellated pattern, but Nissan hinted that this area would be personalizable in a potential production version.

Nissan is positioning the redi-GO as an upmarket car for first-time buyers, though still very much within the realm of affordability (the standard Datsun GO sells for the equivalent of $6000 in Indian rupees). Though India is a key market, if produced Nissan will likely sell it in other emerging countries like Russia and Indonesia where Datsuns are hitting the streets.

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