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The Vintage Volkswagen Club of America (VVWCA) was founded in 1976 to serve as a network for vintage Volkswagen enthusiasts owning air-cooled cars and trucks. In the beginning, the first vintage Volkswagens were the early split rear window cars; hence our logo features a split rear window sedan. As this hobby grows older, more Volkswagen models qualify as vintage through the production of the last Volkswagen convertible in 1979. The VVWCA endeavors to assist all enthusiasts of vintage (and near to vintage) VWs in the historical, technical, and social aspects of this hobby.

In furtherance of the VVWCA's basic objectives, we have established this web site to serve as an international networking point for our members, chapters, affiliate clubs--and you, the VW enthusiast! As of this writing, we have only outlined the basic structure of this page, so check back often to see how it evolves and to see the additional resources that we (our membership) will provide!

The VVWCA celebrates over thirty years of serving the VW enthusiast. As such, we are one of the oldest and largest "grassroots" Volkswagen clubs in existence, with chapters and associate clubs worldwide. The VVWCA is a non-profit organization, run voluntarily by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

We invite all persons interested in vintage and near-to-vintage Volkswagens to join our club, and to seek-out your local chapter or VVWCA affiliate club. There are countless events that occur throughout the year which allow you to meet enthusiasts with similar VW interests and to provide the resources to help you enjoy your Volkswagen to the fullest degree.

The general objective of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America is the furtherance and promotion of the following items through its members who are joined and mutually pledged to the VVWCA.

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