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Mary Kay Offering Non-Pink Bmw For Top Saleswomen : News

Top saleswomen pushing Mary Kay cosmetics usually treat themselves with pink Cadillacs, a 45-year-old marketing tradition as famous as the mail-order makeup company itself. But this year, a little black BMW is joining the pink parade of Escalades, CTS sedans and SRX SUVs.

The 2014 BMW 320i Mary Kay edition was unveiled at the company's annual convention in New Orleans last week. It replaces the Ford Mustang available since 2011, and although it likely won't show up in pink, the German sedan will be available in a range of colors with "Mary Kay" badges on the sides.

While Mary Kay doesn't hand out free company cars, they're still a badge of honor for the 3 million women (and some men) who sell Mary Kay makeup around the world. The cars are treated as leases, paid directly to Mary Kay, and the monthly cost is either partially or completely covered depending on how many products are ordered each month. Only Mary Kay businesses of a certain size are eligible to receive cars.

Pink Cadillacs are still the queens at Mary Kay. Founder Mary Kay Ash repainted a new Cadillac in 1968 to match her company's blush and decided to offer five of her top sellers with pink Cadillacs in 1969. The program, known as Mary Kay Career Car, has been running ever since. But as nice as it sounds, the 320i is a base-model 3-Series with the smallest engine. Give out pink Mark Kay M4s, and men might start selling mascara en masse.

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