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Formula 1 Drivers Pick New Numbers For Life : News

The number on the nose of a Formula One car has in recent seasons been a badge of competitiveness for team and driver. But for 2014, instead of marking the pecking order for the season ahead, the numbers now represent a driver’s brand, as in the name of marketing they retain their given number for the duration of their careers.

As the FIA confirmed the entry list for the season, the hashtags quickly began to circulate.

Just as the Real Madrid striker is “CR7”, not Cristiano Ronaldo, and his team-mate is the “Eleven of Hearts” – Gareth Bale’s goal celebration - #Jenson22, #Alo14 and #BO77AS now merge the drivers with their numbers into a brand.

McLaren's Jenson Button decided on 22, which was the number he drove with on his way to the 2009 world championship with Brawn GP. Fernando Alonso chose 14 because he used it in his junior karting days, and Williams's Valtteri Bottas beat Marussia's Jules Bianchi to 77 on account of his higher championship finish last season.

The reigning champion will continue to drive with the number one on the front of their car, although the four-time champion Sebastian Vettel will take the number five once he relinquishes the drivers's crown.

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