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1951 Siata Daina 1400 Gran Sport : Classic Cars

Based on the Fiat 1400, the Daina or Gran Sport is a carefully crafted special. It was the largest of the models offered by Siata and featured simple aluminum bodywork by Stabilimenti Farina.

At their Turin facility, Siata beefed up the Fiat 140 with extra cross members and reduced the drive shaft length. They also retained the standard Fiat suspension setup with double wishbones up front.

In this chassis was fitted with a Fiat 1400cc engine that had a unique over-head valve arrangement that was unique to Siata. Also fitted was Weber Carburetors that raised the stock power from 60 to 72 bhp. This was attached to the stock 4-speed manual or a custom Siata 5-speed box.

Later, this model was replaced by cars fitted with the Fiat 'Ottu Vu' V8 engine.

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