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1935 Lincoln Model K Convertible Roadster : Classic Cars

1935 brought important visual changes in Lincoln design with the passenger compartment moved forward on the wheelbase and the hood shortened accordingly. It was a design concept mirrored in Fords that year as well. Claimed benefits included a lower center of gravity for better handling and a smoother ride. With 150 brake horsepower at 3,800 rpm, a 3-speed manual transmission, live axles and Bendix Duo-Servo mechanical brakes the Lincoln Model K V-12 provided a solid, comfortable, exclusive platform for owners who sought quality and performance. Although only 1,411 were built in 1935, Lincoln found enough demand to sustain itself during these difficult years of the Great Depression.

Of the variety of catalogued models for 1935, it is fair to day that the Convertible Roadster represented the most elegant of all, a worthy successor to its forebears, its proportions were unapproached by others in terms of elegance, its sweeping fenders and tail being both modern and flowing, while its low raked windshield and thrown forward top design make it reminiscent of the JN Duesenbergs that appeared at around this time. Beneath the hood a new cam arrangement and new exhaust system improved performance dramatically. Technically, the car was equally interesting with the arrival of fully automatic spark control, a first for Lincoln and helical cut gears on 2nd and 3rd gears, as well as needle roller bearings in the clutch. Production numbers of these rakish LeBaron Convertible Roadsters amounted to a fraction of the seasons' run at just 30 units, with an equally scant survival rate they are exceedingly rare today.

This beautiful V12 Lincoln has resided in the present East Coast car collector ownership for nearly two decades. In the early days it was used infrequently at the owner's summer home, and more recently has received considerable freshening at the hands of expert craftsmen, with specific attention to both the mechanical and aesthetic aspects. With new paintwork in stunning silver livery, accented by a dual pinstripe along the sides of the bodywork, it is heightened by refurbished chrome including the wheels and bumpers, and a newly made canvas top. Beneath the hood, the motor has been entirely overhauled and fitted with hardened valve seats to facilitate better running on modern fuel.

The car's history is known back to the immediate post-war era, when it surfaced in Watsonville, California, just north of the Monterey Peninsula. At that time the car was donated to the local High School where it remained for many years before being acquired in the 1970s by Dale Johnson, who lived further inland at Turlock, CA. Unable to run the car Johnson discovered that the motor was beyond economical repair. Fortunately he was able to source a correct 1935 unit as a replacement, but aside from its fitment carried out no further major work on the car. It subsequently passed through two other Californian collectors during which time it was restored before trading to legendary collector and dealer Tom Barrett of Barrett-Jackson fame. Barrett sold the car to Peter Knoll of New York City, from whom the current custodian acquired it back in 1993.

With nearly twenty years of ownership and following recent sorting and cosmetic refurbishment the Convertible Roadster represents an exceptional performing and fine looking automobile.

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