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1934 Hispano-Suiza K6 : Classic Cars

The first K6 or 30HP was released on 1st August 1934. The model was available in two frame lengths, the shorter still boasting a 3420m wheelbase, the longer reserved for the "Coupé-Chauffeur" at 371 cm.

The K6 replaced the Ballot or Junior model with a new small six-cylinder engine. It was offered as a less-expensive alternative to the J12, but still had the refinement and chassis lengths of the flagship model.

Marc Birkigt designed the new 5.2-liter engine with detachable cylinder heads which featured over-head valves. It produced around 120 bhp and was capable of speeds up to 140 kph depending on bodywork.

Much of the chassis design was similar to the J12 with a fully-rigid suspension and cable-operated brakes that were powered by a servo assistance.

Despite being the cheaper Hispano-Suiza chassis, many K6s received more striking bodies than even the exclusive J12. Thus they maintained the prestige of the brand and offered a French alternative to the American and British imports.

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