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Women On Wheels® was founded in California by an avid woman motorcyclist in 1982. Its purpose was, and still is, to unite all women motorcycle enthusiasts, whether they ride their own machine, are motorcycle passengers or enthusiasts, or future motorcyclists. WOW members are located throughout the United States, Canada, and several other countries.

WOW members are riders in their teens, in their eighties, and every age in between! WOW's focus is on the members and the lifestyle of motorcycling, rather than on the make of machine. WOW members enjoy every make and model of motorcycle imaginable -- it's not what we ride that's important, but rather the fact that we enjoy riding to begin with!

We're for beginners and veterans; we're for people from all walks of life; we're for motorcycle commuters, racers, tourers, etc.

Women On Wheels® is a family-oriented organization and encourages family members to become involved through our support membership for spouses/significant others and our child membership for future riders.

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