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Volkswagen Concept T : Concept Cars

The Volkswagen Concept T was first seen at the 2004 North American International Auto Show, held in Detroit, Michigan.

The Concept T crossover vehicle displays attributes similar to both sports coupes and off road vehicles, and aimed to fill a gap in the international vehicle market.

The Concept T in its aim to achieve both roles has ended up looking like an expensive dune buggy.

The unusual two tone styling which connects the recessed head lights, tail lights and high level exhausts also gives the visual effect of lifting the body away from the wheels.

The Concept T's impressive upswinging doors are hinged off the A-pillars and swing both outward and upward. The high mounted rear view mirrors help the driver see over the high, wide rear arches.

The concept T also features an easily removed T-bar roof as well as a removable rear roof section to effectively make it a convertible with a roll bar.

Volkswagen powered the Concept T with a 3.2 L V6 developing 241 bhp, propelling the concept to a respectable 144 mph.

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