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2013 Volvo 1800 ZES : Concept Cars

Volvo's well-received attempt to sprinkle some P1800 magic on the new Coupe Concept that's on display at the ongoing 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, seems to have rubbed off on Swedish-born designer Bo Zolland who decided to bring back to life the original version of the car with a new coachbuilt-like study.

Zolland, who has turned a number of his conceptual ideas into reality, based his study on the sports estate version of the classic P1800 adding some styling twists into the mix.

Along with the hunkered down body and the huge retro-style spoke wheels, he envisioned the P1800 with a new set of modern headlamps positioned at angle, a different pair of taillights, a restyled lower part of the rear end with funky exhaust cuts, and reduced the length of the roof for a more sloped look of the tailgate window. The grille and the lower part of the car's front end were also reimagined.

There's a little bit of classic Aston Martin and even a hint of old school Ferrari in the design, but we must say, the overall result looks rather nifty in our eyes.

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