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1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental : Classic Cars

With a shorter 144 inch wheelbase, the Phantom II Continental was envisioned for a sporting customer that would be more interested in driving themselves than being chauffeured in a limosine. It built upon already outstanding Phantom II platform but offered a higher level of driving performance. Each had distinct bodywork, but the Three-Position Drophead Coupé known as the Sedanca and built by Gurney Nutting was especially highly regarded.

Continental chassis were upgraded in several ways with stiffer five-leaf springs, a shorter 12/41 (3.416) rear axle and Hartford remote-control shock absorbers. Futhermore the cabin floor was designed to be much lower than the standard model. As an added incentive, the engine was upgraded with high compression and powered the car to a 160 kph (100 mph) top speed.

Like all Phantoms, the Continental was exceptionally well equipped and ofter described as the best in the world. It had more mechanical systems than most models of area with it's automatic oiling, servo-assisted mechanical drum brakes and remote-control shock absorbers.

Of the 1400 Phantom IIs produced, only 278 were made on the Continental platform.

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